Wheel Alignment Mira MesaFor wheel alignment that Mira Mesa drivers trust, they come to our shop in San Diego. We’ve been in the business of fixing cars for over 45 years, and our team of certified technicians and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with any car upkeep you may need. We’ve worked hard to achieve both AAA and ASE Certification so that we can continue providing our customers the absolute best auto repair and service in the area. In addition to wheel alignment, we also provide tire rotation, oil changes, air filter replacement, engine diagnostics, and any other routine maintenance services.

Keeping up on routine maintenance as specified by your car’s manufacturer is vital to keeping it safe and reliable. Although there’s no longer an industry standard for when your car should be receiving its maintenance, particularly for cars manufactured in the past decade, it’s wise to let professionals take a look on a regular basis. You may need to come in more frequently than you think to maintain optimum performance. A standard maintenance includes: topping off all of your fluids, standard checks on brakes and tires, a tire rotation, and a wheel alignment. Mira Mesa drivers know that when their car’s tire balance is off, they are not only jeopardizing gas efficiency, but they are also endangering the integrity of their car and others. When your car has an uneven tire balance, you will have more wear on a specific tire, which can result in a blowout, damage to that portion of your car, and can even make your car more venerable to flats.

Make getting a wheel alignment or any auto repair service at Mira Mesa Automotive Repair part of your routine car maintenance. Call us today at (858) 271-6766 to schedule an appointment or set one up online. We offer online specials and even Saturday hours in hopes of making your visit to our shop much more convenient. Come visit us anytime! *We do not do alignments in house we send them to another shop to be done. We are honest with customers so you know we will still warranty them, we just don’t do them in house . 

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