Tune Up Mira MesaA car can’t go too long without a tune-up. Mira Mesa drivers have a vast array of auto repair shops to choose from in the San Diego area, so it’s not enough to talk about how great you are. You have to show your car maintenance skills, and Mira Mesa Auto has been doing that for decades. Jim Boucher has been serving the Mira Mesa area for over 45 years. It’s safe to say his tune-up skills are pretty stellar.

Keeping Your Car Running Like New

Keeping a car healthy is much like keeping your own body healthy – feed it right, don’t abuse it, and make sure it gets check-ups when it needs them. Think of vehicle repair like going to the dentist. You get a teeth cleaning every six months, and your vehicle needs oil changes every 6 months or 5,000 miles. During oil changes, we can spot problems early on before they turn into expensive vehicle repair. Same as when you go to the dentist, your dentist can spot cavities early on before they become a big painful filling process. We always go over the inspection report with our customers, and make sure we have approval before any repairs are started.

We want automotive repair to be as stress free as possible. Car maintenance shouldn’t be a big hassle, so we aim to get a tune-up done quickly and without problems if at all possible. If we do find any issues, we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s taken care of efficiently and professionally.

We are conveniently located in San Diego and serve anyone who’s looking for a great independent auto repair facility to give their business to. We provide the same level of service and same parts as the dealer at less cost to you. Make an appointment anytime with our friendly scheduler! We can’t wait to service your vehicle soon.

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