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Synthetic Oil Benefits | Oil ChangeI recently saw an ad for synthetic oil in San Diego. I really hadn’t heard about it before, so I asked my friendly Mira Mesa Automotive technician for some background. Basically the inside of your engine gets really hot because of friction from the moving parts and from
burning fuel. Oil lubricates the moving parts to keep them from getting too hot.

The problem comes when oil turns to sludge, which is kind of a thick jelly. Sludge clogs up little passages so that the oil can’t protect parts of the engine. So the two best ways for San Diego car owners to prevent sludge build-up is to always change their oil on schedule; and to use synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil’s much more resistant to becoming sludge than conventional oil. My San Diego service professional says it has the added benefit of lasting longer than conventional oil so the recommended change interval can be longer.

The thing I think is cool is that synthetic oil is slipperier than conventional oil. Regular oil molecules are long chains where synthetic oil molecules are rounder. It’s like, which is slipperier, a pile of pencils or a pile of marbles? This means that synthetic oil does a better job of lubricating my engine so it doesn’t get as hot, or wear as fast.

Using synthetic oil can help San Diego drivers improve engine performance and help their engine last longer. I’m really glad my service professional filled me in on synthetic oil. Maybe you should consider synthetic for your next oil change at Mira Mesa Automotive.