Smog Test San Diego

When it’s time for their state-required smog test, San Diego residents can always depend on Mira Mesa Automotive for speed and professionalism. We know you have a wide selection of places to choose from when selecting a smog repair shop, so we understand that we need to use all of our 45 years of experience to show you just how well we know auto repair. Drivers can come to us anytime for professional ASE Certified service with a smile. We’ll be sure to help you plan any necessary repairs and file your paperwork for you as soon as it’s ready.

San Diego is teaming with quality businesses and quick-stop smog test shops alike. There’s no shortage of options when your car needs work done. But when it comes to a garage that doubles as a smog repair shop and a dependable place to get all your other work done, you really can’t go wrong here. We offer a full suite of auto repair services and we have the experience and skill set to back it up, complete with professionalism and a smile. You don’t find too many businesses in the San Diego area with 45 years of experience in what they do, so there’s really no better place to get your smog test done. It is a requirement in the state of California and you should have a reliable place to go that you trust to get the job done quickly and to take care of any smog repairs you might need.

Having a routine smog test helps to ensure your car does its part to keep the San Diego air clean, and regular oil changes, tune-ups, or other maintenance services also help. Make your appointment today to avoid the last-minute hassle of trying to get it done before your DMV deadline! You can call us at (858) 271-6766 or use our convenient online form.

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