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Our vehicles operate in a wide range of outside San Diego temperatures. That’s why manufacturers use testing grounds from the frozen tundra to the blistering desert. Your auto engine antifreeze/coolant must be able to perform in these extreme temperatures.

Antifreeze/coolant has to move heat away from the engine to prevent costly damage. Water does a very good job of holding heat, but it freezes at thirty two degrees.

That’s why we mix anti-freeze with water – it lowers the freezing point of the antifreeze/coolant, and raises the boiling point as well. A fifty/fifty blend of water and antifreeze/coolant is the usual recommendation for CA motorists.

And on top of that, antifreeze/coolant has to protect the components of the auto cooling system from corrosion. Your manufacturers owners’ manual will tell you what kind of antifreeze/coolant you should use. Of course, at Mira Mesa Automotive, we can advise you on what to put in your auto.

Cooling system failure is the most common mechanical problem San Diego auto owners have. Much of that can be avoided by following factory scheduled service intervals. Check your auto owner’s manual or with your Mira Mesa Automotive service advisor for recommendations. He can also conduct a cooling system inspection to look for leaks, weak hoses or bad connections.

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