Looking for engine repair in San Diego? Mira Mesa is the number one choice when you’re looking for car engine repair near me.
Wondering if you need engine repair in San Diego? Though a professional diagnosis by a certified technician is required to guarantee the problem, here are some signs to look out for:

  1. Excessive Exhaust Smoke. One of the first things many people notice if their car’s engine is in trouble is a large amount of exhaust smoke.
  2. Rough Idle. If your car seems to sputter or shake while driving or at an idle this is a sign something is going wrong.
  3. Stalling
  4. Knocking Noise when vehicle starts or you’re driving
  5. Fluid Leaks
  6. Check Engine Light is on
Engine Repair San Diego

Keep in mind, all of these “signs” above often point to other problems that are not as expensive as engine repair or replacement. More often than not the worst-case scenario does not happen. Bring your vehicle in as soon as possible for a diagnosis. We understand that now may be an inconvenient time, but the longer you wait for automotive repair the more expensive it becomes. Think of it as going to the doctor’s office after a knee injury. He recommended certain exercises to help you heal it. If you do not perform the exercises you risk prolonging the injury, or, eventually requiring surgery. The same goes with vehicle repair, don’t wait. Give Mira Mesa a call at (858) 271-6766.
Check out this review from one of our customers, Emily O. 5-Stars.

“My clutch went out and the Mira Mesa auto staff was excellent in communicating to me what was occurring throughout the process. I received an itemized list of what everything cost and when I got my car back it ran better than it ever has. They also honored a 24k warranty which was great. I would highly recommend”.

Your engine repair in San Diego is backed by our 2 year/24,000-mile warranty. Same goes for any other repair we provide you! You’re in the best of hands with our friendly staff. Schedule your next appointment for “car engine repair near me”, today!

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